What is #ThinkBig64?

Society is always telling you no. We live in a world that constantly tries to define and simplify our character, identity, and more importantly the endeavors and paths we take. The impossible, or what seems to be the impossible, should never deter an individual from critically thinking about the problems they would like to solve or desires and goals they want to achieve.

Originally started as #ThinkBigBoston2064 in January 2019, from a public draft of a development proposal archived for 40 years, highlights the extreme patience, consistency, and mental toughness needed to overcome any and all barriers of whatever you want to achieve. Whether if that is a capital, social, or political barrier, what is now called the #ThinkBig64 movement, serves as a badge to empower individuals to critically solve problems and create ideas that either reshape popular culture or their own lives, socially or physically, for the better!

#ThinkBig64 goes beyond the superficial phrases and sayings centered around working hard, being determined, and not letting anyone tell you what you can and cannot do, but rather focuses on challenging your own ideas and thought processes using patience and consistency as objective feedback.

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