Why we launched the ark project?

Published November 5th, 2018 | Alberto DeJesus

It was in the year 2007 that millions of people from across the globe witnessed one of the greatest events in history-- Apple Inc. releasing the first generation of the iPhone. It truly created a disruption in how society functions and marked a dramatic shift and turn of attention to technological advancement.

In 2010, Tesla Inc. launched its IPO on the NASDAQ taking things to the next level to mass produce, what is now the product of decades worth of research, discussion, political discourse, and etc., a premium self driving car for consumers. Still in its early stages, Tesla Inc. for sure will have the equivalent impact on the automotive industry as Apple Inc. did in the phone and computer electronics industry.

As society adapts to rapid technological advancement it is slowly turning its attention to home accessories such as the Amazon Alexa, iRobot Vacuums, and NEST security systems with the overall goal to make the home 'smart'.

DeJesus Trust & Co., a real estate and construction conglomerate, has a different direction and vision for what smart homes will look like and views having all these home accessories as excessive. In August of 2017, the company initially launched the 'Ark Project' which eventually turned into a subsidiary company called Ark Smart Homes + Development. The goal of this company is to research, plan, and develop the construction of smart homes that reduces the need for an excessive number of accessories with Boston, MA and New York, NY as initial target locations.

Being a young executive is beneficial because it means one day, years down the road, I will witness the erection of my own smart home and have taken part in a major societal event. The future is really near and it astounds me at the pace its coming!