Alberto DeJesus sits as the Chairman & CEO of The DeJesus Organization, a private real estate and construction holding company based out of Boston, Massachusetts. Alberto is the Founder & CEO of DeJesus Industries and The DeJesus Group, which is a general contracting firm and real estate rental and leasing company respectively. Alberto spends most of his time on DeJesus Industries serving mid to high end residential and commercial clients in the Greater Boston area specializing in kitchen, bathroom, and home remodeling projects. He is also an owner of the DeJesus Paving Corporation, formerly DeJesus Driveways, which serves over 600+ driveways per year with some commercial clients including Amazon, CVS, Walgreens, Mobile, Sunoco, Toyota, and etc. DeJesus Paving is headquartered in Seekonk, MA operating primarily in Massachusetts and Rhode Island with smaller business operations out of Connecticut and Florida.

Alberto is a young entrepreneur from Framingham, Massachusetts and a student at Boston University.

If you can’t find Alberto on the streets of Commonwealth Avenue, then he is probably out meeting with clients all over Eastern Massachusetts to close sales for his company.

Alberto's Story

Alberto was born and raised in Framingham, Massachusetts in 1999. His mother was born in Bronx, NY and biological father the Dominican Republic. Every year, Alberto and his family travel to Riverdale, NY, an affluent neighborhood of the Bronx, where his aunt, cousin, and grandparents live. His grandfather, an automotive enthusiast, always used to take Alberto to mechanic shops in the Bronx to take apart and replace vehicle parts for fun. They would go to the local bodega to get sandwiches or Spanish food and when Alberto wasn't with his grandfather, he was playing Playstation or basketball with his cousin Brandon, a Fordham University alum, which he considers more like his brother.

In middle school, Alberto always showed interest in STEM and originally wanted to pursue computer science, but lost interest for two reasons: (1) he strongly disliked one particular computer science class he took in high school and (2) took a really amazing biology class. From there, Alberto discovered a passion for the sciences. In high school, Alberto served as class president, created his own club, and most importantly started working. His very first job was working as a sales associate at Bed Bath & Beyond. He worked there for a year and a half and then was introduced to a manager at Toyota that hired him without hesitation. He started at the very bottom of this small Italian-American owned Toyota franchise and worked his way up the ranks learning as much as he could from his coworkers and superiors. Given the size of the company, Alberto held many duties and gained invaluable skills he later used when recruited by Ford. Graduating high school, Alberto parted ways with Toyota to go study in West Hartford, CT at the University of Hartford.

Needing to make money over the summer months, between transitioning from high school to college, Alberto had to get creative and explored the idea of coming up with a business. It wasn’t until he went to visit a family friend's house that a conversation rose about the construction business that things started coming together. He was going through old files in his drive and found a document he made in 2011 in regards to a movie that he saw in 2008. It read DeJesus Industries, inspired by the fictitious tech company Stark Industries from the first Iron Man movie. Working hard trying to figure out how to pull it all together, Alberto officially opened up DeJesus Industries in August of 2017. Alberto, in his first twelve months, generated over $100,000 in gross revenue working part-time, while studying full time in Connecticut. Realizing the inconvenience of being in Connecticut, Alberto transferred to Boston University to continue his studies and work on business. Alberto worked in Ford sales and learned as much as he could to apply those necessary skills to close construction contracts for his business. Alberto now runs a $4.5M+/year and growing organization.

Alberto loves to invest and has made insignificant wins in the stock market off of Twitter, Tesla, Apple, and Biostar Pharmaceuticals. Alberto has also lost money on a Burlington, Massachusetts company called the Lightbridge Corporation. Alberto has a significant amount of holdings in a Fifth Avenue New York holding company called Helios and Matheson Analytics, the parent of MoviePass, Berkshire Hathaway, and S&P 500 mutual funds among others. HMNY was on the NASDAQ, but has seen significant loss in revenue to meet NASDAQ requirements and is now trading OTC.

Alberto’s life ambitions include working towards building his brands, wealth, and career so that he can erect a skyscraper to operate his businesses out of to continue pursuing his life long endeavors.

Alberto is very active on Twitter, so feel free to hit the button.