Hall of Fame

This section is really just for me to be able to look at as a reminder to myself as to why I am doing what I am doing. I will add to this as time progresses.

Dr. Horwitz's Letter of Recommendation of Alberto DeJesus.pdf

Letter of Recommendation by Dr. Michael Horwitz

Dr. Horwitz was my advisor both literally and figuratively. I am very grateful to Dr. Horwitz for keeping his doors open.

Mr. Peter Eliot's Note

Mr. Eliot was Alberto's high school english teacher.

I am grateful to have been a student of Mr. Eliot for two years.

Alberto DeJesus and Dr. Robert Langdon

Dr. Robert Langdon

Dr. Langdon was Alberto's biology teacher for freshman and senior year in high school. He played a significant role in shaping Alberto's path in education.

To the left is a photo of Alberto's science project.

Ms. Carolyn MacKinnon

Ms. MacKinnon was Alberto's Advanced Placement Psychology teacher. I called her Administrator MacKinnon, since she was training for an administrative role during my senior year.

I don't know why, but her last words every now and then playback: "One of many graduations"

Alberto DeJesus and Carolyn MacKinnon

Mr. Brian Maher

You'll hear me call him many names: "The General", "ol man", "General Maher", and "Mr. Maher" (if I did something wrong or wanted a bonus).

At his prime, Mr. Maher was the Vice President of Motor World in Pennsylvania (a 745 employee automotive empire), which was acquired by MileOne Automotive right after his departure. MileOne Automotive is a $400M motor vehicle's sales and service operation.

Spending countless hours and working directly under Mr. Maher, in a nutshell I've learned a lot. I learned about sales, business, and a lot of personal things that would take long to list. I call him The General because he runs a militant and tight operation with absolute zero tolerance for mistakes and error. He now runs a smaller dealership chain in Massachusetts.

Alberto DeJesus and Brian Maher
Alberto DeJesus and Rhoda Sandrew

Alberto DeJesus and Rhoda Sandrew, 2013

Mrs. Rhoda Sandrew

This is my 95 year old jewish neighbor I talk about in my stories. I spent countless hours with her in her den with her toy poodle Coco learning about life and talking about anything to everything, from Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Tates Bakeshop Cookies.

Rhoda passed in April 2018.

Mr. Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is the Chairman of VaynerX and CEO of VaynerMedia. He runs a $250M one thousand employee global media agency out of NYC.

Alberto had been following Gary's content after graduating high school and is part of what shaped Alberto's interest in business.

Alberto DeJesus and Gary Vaynerchuk

Alberto DeJesus and Gary Vaynerchuk, Wine Library 2019

Alberto DeJesus and Steven Schwarzman

Mr. Stephen A. Schwarzman

Steven Schwarzman is the Chairman & CEO of The Blackstone Group. Blackstone is a $50B two thousand three hundred employee publicly traded private equity firm.

Alberto had been in contact with Blackstone and although his proposal was rejected by Mr. Schwarzman and Blackstone he uses it as a learning opportunity and is thankful to Mr. Schwarzman and his office for their time and kind words.

To the left is a screenshot of the final email from the office of Mr. Schwarzman to Alberto.

Ms. Cindy Stumpo

Cindy Stumpo is the CEO of C. Stumpo Development. Cindy is a powerhouse developer building the most immaculate multi-million dollar mansions in the Greater Boston area.

Alberto had been following Cindy for a few years now and tries to learn as much as he can by asking her as many questions as possible. This is really valuable to Alberto because he gets to watch a local success that has been building luxury developments for more than thirty years in Brookline, Newton, and the surrounding areas.

To the right is a screenshot of Cindy telling Alberto, through Instagram DM, to ask her questions!

Alberto DeJesus and Cindy Stumpo
Alberto DeJesus and Sasha Vaynerchuk

Mr. Sasha Vaynerchuk

Sasha Vaynerchuk is the CEO of WineLibrary. He runs a $60M+ wine operation out of New Jersey. He is also the father of Gary Vaynerchuk.

To the left is a picture of Alberto and Sasha outside of WineLibrary.